RFP Development, Management, and Contract Negotiation


An optimal maintenance program is crucial to ensure that maximum value is extracted from an asset over its life cycle. A long term maintenance agreement is a great way to manage technical and commercial risk and to provide customers with predictable costs and reliability.


  • Process and structure deliver proposals which consistently allow effective comparative analysis for decision making.
  • Allows owner’s to maintain cost effective organizational structure by providing required expertise on an as needed basis.
  • Removes scope and price gaps which consistently create owner issues and increase owner risk
  • Structures contracts which align with asset’s strategic business objectives

Cratos acts as a trusted advisor and offers value through the entire life cycle of an asset. Whether you have a maintenance contract currently in place, are exploring the possibility of entering into an agreement, or choose to undergo self-managed maintenance on a transactional basis, Cratos ensures that each company’s unique strategic business objectives are converted into an optimal maintenance program.

Cratos offers full service with end to end support to guide a customer through the entire process of identifying and qualifying service providers, soliciting and managing the tendering process, and, successfully negotiating a long term maintenance agreement(s). The extent of support is defined by each customer’s internal support structure and resource availability. Cratos integrates itself on any portion of the process or can deliver a fully managed solution.